Cannabis Restoration 2022 – the filing

Written by Mark Pedersen

Written by Mark Pedersen

April 2, 2021

As of last week, my REAL legalization initiative, Cannabis Restoration 2022, my fifth initiative for Missouri, has been filed with the Missouri Secretary of State.
Within the next 20 days or so, I will be notified whether or not it has been accepted for signatures. Once accepted, it will be up to Missouri’s Cannabis consumers, cultivators and vendors to carry the ball. 
This is my portion – the legal proof that it’s not only possible, but inevitable. Of course, I will continue to be available to provide education any way that I can.

I have been asked, “Why do you do it? Why do you keep introducing these legalization initiatives when profiteers are pushing through recreational bills across the country?” 
Truth be known, my work has been plagiarized for years.  Much of Missouri’s current Cannabis law was “cherry-picked directly from my earlier writings. And so has been the case with other states, as well.
Understand, I didn’t get involved in writing bills and initiatives to stem a career in the “pot” industry.  I did so because Cannabis preserved my life, now, nearly twenty-three years ago. That’s when I first became and “illegal” Cannabis patient. I realized then that I would never be able to exist without it, and yet, state and Federal law would not permit it either.

Early on, I saw that no one was facing the hard questions that have plagued the legalization movement. Cannabis is nontoxic. How do we truthfully, and in good conscience live with that…amid so much hypocrisy?
My travels around this country and the many patient interviews that I have conducted proved to me just how vital Cannabis could be to Missouri and this nation, in so many ways.

I really don’t mind so much being plagiarized… if only they didn’t leave out those protections that were so important to Cannabis consumers, most particularly, to our chronically and terminally ill.
Unfortunately, most who get involved in writing initiatives do so because of their desire to profit from their involvement in the new industry that would be created.
My incentive and my purpose has and continues to be to see our state and our nation realize the healing benefit Cannabis…what it truly could be, for all of us and our planet.

I will be releasing a new “line-by-line” walkthrough of Cannabis Restoration shortly. Watch for it.

Cannabis is nontoxic. Cannabis is food. Cannabis is the single most important medicine of the 21st century.

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